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Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Thursday, 26 January 2012 15:22

HaywireIn many ways, Haywire feels like an amateur film – surprising considering director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven) is certainly not lacking experience and neither are supporting actors Ewan McGregor or Antonio Banderas. The odd thing is that the films star Gina Carano is the only one without experience, and she comes across like a pro!


It’s being compared to the Jason Bourne movies, but Haywire is really a much grittier, more realistic action film than anything to come out of Hollywood in years. That’s mostly due to Gina Carano’s real-life career as a MMA fighter – a skill that has brought her physical presence and a body that is truly powerful. A beautiful face is only secondary, which is a refreshing change from watching stick-armed actresses like Angelina Jolie pretending they can take on guys twice their size. Carano does all her own stunts and in fact, was directed by Soderburgh not to do anything in the fight scenes that wasn’t possible in real life.

Fassbender and CaranoShe plays Mallory Kane, a freelance covert agent who is on the run after being double-crossed by her former employer. She is forced to use every resource she has to protect herself and her family, while trying to clear her name and exact revenge on the people who betrayed her.

McGregor and CaranoThe story can be a little convoluted, mostly because the timeline is out of order and we have to piece together why Mallory is on the run and exactly how she has been framed. By the end, however, most questions have been answered and the audience has been on a hell of a ride. I’ll reiterate that what makes the film interesting is the physicality of the films’ star – so if you are expecting lots of computerized effects and explosives, look elsewhere.

Haywire isn’t an example of great film making, but Gina Carano is one to watch. I think she might be the shakeup that Hollywood needs and she shows the potential to be a powerful, healthy female role model with more to offer than a pretty face.


Directed by Steven Soderburgh (Contagion), Starring Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas.

Gina Carano's voice was altered in post-production, reportedly in order to make it deeper to suit the toughness of her character in the film.

It is rumored that Gina Carano will play Circe in the next Percy Jackson & The Olympians film, Sea of Monsters (due for release in 2013).