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Tower Heist
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Monday, 14 November 2011 12:54

Tower HeistTOWER HEIST held absolutely no interest for me whatsoever going in – For one, I can’t stand Eddie Murphy and was not looking forward to the painful beating that his hyper, aggressive voice would deliver to my ears. In my opinion Eddie Murphy has had one redeeming role as Donkey in Shrek and should now retire and fade into obscurity. For another, movies with multiple “funnymen” filling out the cast are almost never funny (If I may enter GROWN UPS into evidence).

The swindled swindlersI was pleasantly surprised by TOWER HEIST. I’m not saying it was a work of comic genius, but it was a far more entertaining way to spend a couple of hours than I would have given credit for.

Ben Stiller plays a manager at a swanky New York high-rise where the staff caters to the elite. When it’s discovered that the employee pension money has been wasted away by their investor, who happens to live in the penthouse apartment, a group of them decide that it’s time to turn the tables. With the help of a two-bit thief (Murphy) they construct a plan to steal back the money they are owed.

Stiller and Donkey - I mean MurpheyTOWER HEIST plays out sort of like a watered down Oceans 11, with a cast of quirky characters and a plot that doesn’t quite happen as planned. It’s predictable and most of the characters are cliché, but Ben Stiller is likeable enough to make up for the other lukewarm performances. Eddie Murphy is, dare I say, tolerable in his role… Meaning most people will LOVE him and generally pee themselves with the excitement of his “return to form”. If "return to form" means his transformation from one type of ass to another, that wouldn’t be far off.

All criticism aside – not an easy task for a critic – I give TOWER HEIST a passing grade. It’s a fun, entertaining escape for a couple of hours, and in this crazy, busy world, sometimes that’s all we really need.


Directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3). Starring Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick.

Two of the films’ stars, Alan Alda and Gabourey Sidibe, have recurring roles on the television series THE BIG C.

Trump Tower was used as the stand-in for the tower in the film.