Saturday, 19 September 2020
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   

Available on DVD November 15, 2011.

BeginnersHave you ever found yourself stumbling along in life wondering what it’s all about? Beginners is a sweet and emotionally savvy exploration of relationships and love through the eyes of a young artist.

Ewan McGregor puts in a beautifully understated performance as Oliver, a young Graphic Artist who harbors very few close relationships. His foundations are rocked when his father (Christopher Plummer) reveals that not only has he come out of the closet in his old age, but that he is also dying of cancer.

Plummer and McGregorIn coming to terms with his fathers’ sickness and eventual death, Oliver realizes just how lonely he has allowed himself to become. By watching the passion his father has for life and love, and through his own unexpected romance with a quirky young actress (the captivating Melanie Laurent) he starts to realize that he no longer wants to be isolated.

McGregor and LaurentBeginners is a truly touching film that really captured the emotions of the characters and makes us think about the relationships we cultivate in our lives. Like real life it is touching and sad at times (I had tears rolling down my face more than once), but there is also a lot of humor and creativity in the script. The pace is slower, but the characters are interesting and the performances are excellent. This film is a gem.


Directed by Mike Mills (Thumbsucker). Starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent.

Writer/Director Mike Mills based the script partly on his own experiences. His father came out as homosexual after the death of Mike’s mother.