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30 Minutes or Less
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Monday, 15 August 2011 15:09
30 Minutes or Less30 Minutes or Less is about the amount of time it took for me to wish I could stand up, throw my popcorn and Junior Mints at the screen in disgust, and storm out of the theatre! Of course, this only played out in my head, over and over… and over again throughout the course of this ignorant so-called comedy.

Jesse “I’m NOT Michael Cera” Eisenberg stars as Nick, a deadbeat pizza delivery guy who not only hates his job, but pretty much despises his entire existence. His biggest thrills come from beating the clock on delivery runs, and romancing his best friend’s twin sister with whom he’s secretly in love. Comedian Danny McBride is Dwayne, a low-life wannabe criminal mastermind. He needs to hire a hit man to “off” his old man so he can be a rich man. That’s just too many “man’s”, but you get the picture. For this, he needs money and lots of it.

Eisenburg (or is it Michael Cera behind that mask???) and AnsariTogether with his best bud, Dwayne kidnaps our bumbling pizza boy and straps a timed bomb to his chest explaining that he has to come up with $100-grand before the timer runs out. Suggested course of action – rob the local bank. Cue mayhem.

First I’ll criticize the obvious – with a title like 30 Minutes or Less, you might expect that he’s got, well, 30 minutes to come up with the money before KA-BOOM! But, no. He’s got 10 HOURS! Which makes you wonder what the deal is with the whole pizza delivery / 30 minutes shtick to begin with!

McBride and SwardsonCrude, dark humor can be a beautiful thing, but the key word there is “humor”. If you looked up the word “comedy” in a thesaurus you’d see the poster for this movie – in the list of antonyms. There is nothing funny about the racist, violent and abusive jokes in this script that is peppered with more insults than a celebrity roast.

The one saving grace performance in this film is by Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation), as Nick’s best friend. He actually manages to inject some humor into his scenes and was probably the only character that made me so much as chuckle. Danny McBride is all too believable as a redneck womanizing jack-ass, which may or may not be a credit to his talent. Either way, it doesn’t make me like him any better.

To put it bluntly, I hated this film.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride.

The film has been criticized for bearing a strong resemblance to a tragic real-life bank heist incident.