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Horrible Bosses
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Thursday, 14 July 2011 15:57

Horrible BossesFor most people, the work world contains obstacles, triumphs, tragedies, butt-kissing and tantrum throwing – and that’s just the interview process! It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so when life hands you the perfect job there’s got to be a catch. Often, that catch is a person so unbearable to work with that you cringe at the mere sound of their voice. And if you’re REALLY unlucky, that person will be your boss. The evil employers that form the cast of Horrible Bosses make nastiness in the workplace an art!

The story follows the predicament of three buddies who love their jobs but have to deal with bosses that make life a nightmare. Nick (Jason Bateman) is an eager employee at a financial firm, and next in line for a big promotion if his boss Mr. Harken (Kevin Spacey) would stop entrapping him! Harken is a bully who explodes if Nick is two minutes late and calls him an alcoholic after forcing him to down a glass of scotch.

Bateman and SpaceyKurt (Jason Sudeikis) loves his boss like a second father, but the kind old man dies leaving his coked up son in charge of the family business. Colin Farrell is almost unrecognizable as the sleazebag, with a comb-over and pot belly, but it’s hilarious to see him embrace being disgusting for a change!

Day and AnistonFinally, there’s dental assistant Dale (Charlie Day) who is sexually harassed by his female boss on a daily basis. The fact that she’s a smokin’ hot maneater and won’t take no for an answer just makes the other guys jealous, but she’s probably the scariest boss of all! Jennifer Aniston really stands out in this role - the total opposite of her good-girl persona. She looks amazing and has a filthier mouth than any sailor. You guys out there who’ve dreamed of having Jennifer Aniston talking dirty in your ear, this is the movie for you.

The guys decide that the only way to improve their situation is to get rid of their bosses, so they consult a hardened criminal (Jamie Foxx) who helps them form a plan. They decide that if they kill each others’ bosses they’ll avoid suspicion! The results are insanely funny as they get in way over their heads!

I really enjoyed Horrible Bosses! It has everything a good comedy needs; clever story, sharp dialogue and well-cast characters that you can relate to. It’s definitely one of the best, most gleefully wicked comedies of the summer.

Directed by Seth Gordon, Starring Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey.

Jason Bateman’s first acting credit was as playing James in Little House on the Prairie. He will also star this summer in The Change-Up, due out in August.