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The Bang-Bang Club
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 10:26

The Bang-Bang ClubUnfortunately, here in New Brunswick we’re a little bit, shall I say “sensored” in terms of the films we are granted access too. Theatres tend to distribute the big budget Hollywood films first because they are guaranteed to sell tickets, while smaller films tend to come our way only once they’ve proven they can fill seats. I was lucky enough to check out The Bang-Bang Club while in Ontario last week, and it’s one I would recommend seeing if you have the chance.

Photography never looked so good.This historical film takes place during the days of apartheid in South Africa and follows a group of photographers whose goal is to document the violence and drama around them. Their photos documented history in a raw and graphic way that brought them both praise and controversy. Ryan Phillippe stars as Greg, a photographer who seems fearless when it comes to getting the perfect shot. He throws himself into the action and is able to put his emotions on hold for a photo op.

When he meets up with a team of news photographers who share the same philosophy, he feels that he’s finally found a place he belongs. But the price they pay for getting too close to the situation is enough to change their lives forever.

Ryan PhillippeThe Bang-Bang Club features really strong performances by everyone involved, especially Phillippe who gets a chance to shine. Taylor Kitsch is also memorable as a photographer whose emotions are taking their toll. The film style put me in mind of a truly great film called The Motorcycle Diaries, another historical gem I’d highly recommend.

Hopefully The Bang-Bang Club will be coming to a theatre near us soon, but if not it is definitely worth remembering to check out on DVD.


Directed by Steven Silver, Starring Ryan Phillippe, Malin Akerman, Taylor Kitsch.

The name “Bang-Bang Club” got its’ name from an article published about the photographers in a South African magazine.