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I Am Number Four
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 14:44

I Am Number FourI Am Number Four practically begs the joke; “I’d hate to be the guy who was Number Two.” But this isn’t a potty-humor kind of movie… More like Twilight for those who are over the vamp thing and moving on to little green men.

In this sci-fi tale, the character John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is like a cross between Superman and John Connor from Terminator. He’s a survivor from an alien race who was sent here along with his protector Henri (Timothy Olyphant). John’s been forced to keep on the move all his life, hiding from the Mogadorian’s, a creepy looking alien race that take over planets and kill or enslave the native population.

When he and Henri settle in a town called Paradise Ohio, John finds the kind of life he’s always wanted. Most importantly he meets SarNOT Number Twoah (Dianna Agron), a beautiful photographer who he immediately falls for, although her nasty ex-boyfriend doesn’t make life easy. But he isn’t Scott Pilgrim, so evil ex’s aren’t John’s biggest concern. He’s got to learn about all his super-powers before the Mogadorian’s find him.

Agron and PettyferI Am Number Four has a lot of plot-holes, but it does keep things moving and is pretty fun and entertaining in a campy way. It really picks up in the final few scenes when Number Six (Teresa Palmer) joins in the fight. She may be a one-dimensional, leather-clad looker; but at least she’s one tough cookie who doesn’t wait to be rescued.

There are some sappy moments for the romantics, but at least these teens aren’t constantly sulking and crying about being star-crossed lovers.


Directed by D.J. Caruso, Starring Alex Pettyfer and Diana Agron.

Director D.J. Caruso has had other experience with superhuman teens since he directed episodes of Dark Angel and Smallville.

Based on the novel, which was co-written under the pseudonym Pittacus Lore, by the notorious author of “A Million Little Pieces” James Frey.