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Just Go With It
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 15:05

Just Go With ItWhen will Adam Sandler learn that just because he is IN a movie doesn’t make it a funny movie; having a great cast doesn’t magically make a great script; and great comedy doesn’t always mean funny accents and poop jokes. I guess the only way he will learn is if audiences stop donating their hard-earned bucks to pay for his working vacations while he sits on the beach watching the bucks role in.

If you think I’m being hard on him, I am. That’s because when Sandler’s good, he’s very good (The Wedding Singer, Punch Drunk Love) and I’d like to see him live up to that more often. Just Go With It is more along the lines of 50 First Dates – forgettable, annoying and uncreative.

Aniston and Decker doin' the bump.In it he plays Henry Roth, an overgrown man-child who managed to become a successful plastic surgeon despite his absolutely horrendous bedside manner. He’s single, but uses a wedding ring as a prop to pick up women who feel sorry for him because of his made up marital problems. Sounds like a winner eh? When he meets a beautiful woman named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) he thinks she might be the one, but is already over his head in lies. He needs to fake a divorce and gets his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her kids to help him out.

Of course they all end up in beautiful Hawaii, because bonding vacations with exes and new partners is always a blast. Palmer, who is supposed to be a teacher, gets objectified and lied to and is enough of an airhead to believe his ridiculous lies. Several slow-mo bikini scenes later, Dr. Roth realizes that the only one who he hasn’t lied to is Katherine and that he now sees her in a new light.

Aniston and Sandler vatation on your bucks!Just Go With It has a wonderful cast who does what they can with the material given, especially Aniston who has some funny moments and uses her trademark dry wit. The scenes of rivalry between her and Nicole Kidman (you heard right!) are pretty entertaining. The two kids that are in the film also help make it bareable, and they are both pretty funny and cute – surprisingly not annoying. Please note, there might be kids in it, but this isn’t a film for kids.

Just don’t go to Just Go With It. This is rental material, at best.


Directed by Dennis Dugan, Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston and Sandler have known each other for 20 years, before either one of them was famous. This is the first film they have done together.

Brooklyn Decker was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.