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127 Hours
Monday, 07 February 2011 16:29

127 HoursVisually striking, emotionally charged, inspiring… these are just a few of the clichéd descriptions I could use to describe 127 Hours; a remarkably simple story that is a powerful reminder of just how strong our survival instinct really is.

James Franco is riveting in what is darn near a one-man show. He plays Aron Ralston, an adventurous mountain climber who gets trapped in an isolated canyon – his arm crushed by a fallen boulder. With no hope of being rescued Ralston survives by any means necessary, using only his meager supplies and his substantial resourcefulness to keep himself alive. And by the way, this is a TRUE STORY!

James FrancoFor those who don’t know what happens, I won’t ruin it with spoilers. I will say that this is an inspiring story that will have you glued to your seat, and your eyeballs glued to the screen. Unless you’re squeamish, in which case you might be peeking through your fingers!

Director Danny Boyle is no stranger to stylish filmmaking that evokes the perfect ambiance. Everything from camera angles to James Francocolor schemes and music set the tone perfectly. His directing credits include the likes of Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Slumdog Millionaire – all incredibly visual films. 127 Hours is no exception. Imagine the challenge of creating a movie that takes place almost entirely between a rock and a hard place, literally.

This film has earned six Oscar nominations including Actor in a Leading Role and Best Picture. There’s no doubt in my mind that it deserves some credit for being one of the best and most original movies of the past year.


Directed by Danny Boyle, Starring James Franco.

Based on the book Between a Rock and a Hard Place, written by the real Aron Ralston.

Boyle and Franco were allowed to view the real video footage Ralston took while trapped in the canyon. He says the film was very true to his experience.