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Barney's Version
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Monday, 24 January 2011 00:00

Barney's VersionPaul Giamatti took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical and praised the “great nation of Canada” and the city of Montreal in which his latest film was made. Well, it’s my turn to praise the great performance of Paul Giamatti in Barney’s Version, a movie with both the emotional weight to bring tears to my eyes, and the lightheartedness to make me chuckle at even the hardest moments in life.

Giamatti gives a career defining performance as Barney Panofsky, a Jewish Canadian television producer with a zest for life. And boy does he live it; years of cigars, alcohol and traveling with his best buddy Boogie (Scott Speedman) – and with three marriages under his belt he’s no stranger to women. The film tells the story of Barney’s life as he looks back on his regrets, failed relationships, and on finding the love of his life Miriam (Rosamund Pike).

The film is absolutely packed with great performances by the likes of Minnie Driver, as Barney’s Giamatti and Hoffmanoverbearing second wife; Scott Speedman as his drug addled best friend; and Rosamund Pike whose performance reaches far beyond her real age of only 31 as she plays Miriam at various ages through their life together. But the real scene-stealer is Dustin Hoffman who plays Barney’s beloved father, a retired cop who tries to give his son the encouragement to follow his heart. He’s got some of the best lines and most memorable scenes in the film.

This wonderful film is based on the novel by iconic Canadian author Mordecai Richler, and it isn’t hard to see that making this movie was a labor of love for all those involved.


Directed by Richard J. Lewis, starring Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman.

Rachelle Lefevre gave up her role as Victoria in the Twilight Saga to play Barney’s first wife in this film.

Dustin Hoffman’s son Jake Hoffman, plays his grandson in the film.