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No Strings Attached
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Monday, 24 January 2011 00:00

No Strings AttachedNo Strings Attached, another rom-com with a title that sounds like it was created using a random name generator website, features something that other romantic comedies don’t; Nathalie Portman. The closest Portman has come to starring in a romantic comedy was in the wonderfully quirky indie film Garden State. The same cannot be said of her costar Ashton Kutcher, who has made a name for himself as rom-com royalty, but whose choices have not always been so smart. Ahem… Killers.

The story centers on Emma and Adam who meet as kids at camp and share a rather awkward exchange when Adam tries to put the moves on her. Years later they meet up again at college, and after that the universe seems to keep throwing them together, until one day the yo-yo effect breaks and they end up in bed together. Relationship issues and busy schedules prompt them to decide to keep it simple and be nothing more than “friends with benefits”, allowed to booty-call one another so long as neither of them falls in love. Well, guess what? They fall in love. Cue complications.

Hanging with Aunt FloNo Strings Attached is an improvement for Kutcher, and an odd move for Portman, but if one thing can’t be argued it’s that there is chemistry between these two. I’m talking “my science kit blew up in my face” chemistry! Though the story shares certain plot lines with Love and Other Drugs, it doesn’t share the rampant nude scenes of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. But that doesn’t mean Portman and Kutcher are any less sexy, sharing several steamy (and realistic) scenes.

There are a lot of very funny moments in this movie, and a lot of good clean, dirty jokes. It’s a somewhat hopeless look at what modern relationships have become, but not nearly as hopeless as The Dilemma, which can’t even rightfully call itself a romantic-comedy at all. No Strings Attached will appeal to girls and their guys who will be dragged along; but they won’t mind because Nathalie Portman is the thinking man’s pinup girl.


Directed by Ivan Reitman, Starring Nathalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

Nathalie Portman recently won a Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in Black Swan, also still in theatres.

Ashton Kutcher isn’t just another pretty face. Before being “discovered” he was studying Biochemical Engineering.