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Thursday, 23 December 2010 17:23

Tron LegacyDecades after the original Tron wowed audiences with its state-of-the-art computer animation back in 1982, Tron: Legacy follows suit by today’s standards. Gone are the long hours of rendering for a few seconds worth of CG animation; now we can create entire computer generated worlds on our iMacs. The new world of Tron is a visually impressive one that you may try to emulate at home with the lights out and $100 worth of dollar store glow-sticks. I’m just sayin’.

Nearly three decades after the original film, it’s interesting to note that this sequel reunites two key players to their original roles. Jeff Bridges returns as both Kevin Flynn, the computer programmer who is sucked into the world he helped create, and Clu, a personified computer program. CG effects are used to make him appear thirty years younger for some of his scenes and the results are very impressive if a tad rubbery looking. Bruce Boxleitner also reprises his roles as both businessman Alan Bradley and Tron himself.

Neon is back in styleThe sequel picks up in real time, thirty years after the original took place. Flynn’s son Sam is a rebellious and brainy young man who can’t understand why his father disappeared one night decades ago. He is the rightful heir to a multi-billion dollar software company but has no desire to sit in an office all day, even if it means saving his fathers legacy. But one night, while checking out his dad’s old programming computer, he is brought into the world of The Grid and discovers that his old man isn’t gone for good but trapped in the program he created.

Light CycleThe visuals in Tron: Legacy look great; no doubt it’s a far cry from the technology of the 80’s. Still though, it would be fun to compare the reactions of an audience in those days, who would have been floored by the rudimentary graphics, to an audience of today who are so oversaturated with special effects that nothing is magical anymore.

The story is decent, though at two-hours long the film was a bit drawn out, yet I still have a lot of questions that need answering. As it stands, there could be about fifteen-minutes shaved off in editing without missing a beat.


Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Starring Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund.

Jeff Bridges regains his youth using the same computer technology that aged Brad Pitt in The Case of Benjamin Button.

The original Tron had a budget of about $17-million dollars, while the budget for Tron: Legacy was $300-million!