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The Tourist
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 00:00

Big name American actors sporting pretentious European accents; check! Big name European actors in supporting roles; check! European director with a very big name; check! Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck directs Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in The Tourist, an espionage thriller without the thrills.

Jolie plays Elise, an elegant beauty with an edge of mystery. When she singles out American tourist Frank Tupelo on a train, she ensnares him in a real-life version of the mystery novels he loves to read. All of a sudden there are cops and mafia bosses chasing him all over Venice accusing him of being a criminal named Alexander Pearce. While he struggles to keep up with the intriguing woman who put him in hot water to begin with, Elise does her best to keep this bumbling, all-too-eager stranger from getting killed on her behalf.

The Tourist has everything going for it in terms of talent, and an intriguing story concept with plenty of plot twists. But despite decent performances by everyone involved and beautiful visuals, it somehow falls flat on its’ pretty face. The first saboteur is the slow pace, punctuated by an occasional chuckle, or low-speed chase through the canals of Venice – I swear there is never anything fast enough to be called a “high-speed chase”.

Jolie is ravishing in her many timeless classic costume changes and there is no question the camera loves her, but there is a complete lack of chemistry between she and Johnny Depp. I believed them as strangers on a train, exchanging meaningless banter in uncomfortable silence. I don’t for one second believe they really want to be kissing madly.


Directed by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck, Starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

The film went through a number of major overhauls, including change of director and stars. Originally Charlize Theron and Sam Worthington were cast in the starring roles.