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Saw 3D
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 00:00

Saw 3DIf you are looking for a whole lot of sick in a 90-minute package than look no further than Saw 3D, the latest instalment of the popular slasher franchise. This marks the seventh film - yes I said SEVENTH! - in a series that started grossing us out back in 2004. That’s one messed up movie every year, and a whole lot of fake blood!

For anyone who’s seen any of the Saw movies, you’ll know that the premise is basically the same for each Public art?one. Jigsaw, or one of his copycats, set up various tests or “games” for the victims that almost inevitably result in a gruesome death. I’d never watched any of the films before this week, but I’m glad I took the time to at least check out the original before heading to the theatres. It surprised me with plot twists and turns and was actually a pretty good low-budget indie horror film. The budget has definitely increased, but there are a surprising amount of character and story tie-ins. I think I might have been kind of lost without at least some background info.

Jigsaw's next victimSaw 3D takes full advantage of visuals and splashes tons of 3D gore and blood in your face. Body parts are shredded, eye sockets punctured and guts are spilled. Yummy! Of course after this many films, the focus is no longer on a well, developed story, but on the series of disgusting torture scenes. Shock value is what this film is about.

Saw 3D is gross, disgusting and might make you hurl in your popcorn bag.


Directed by Kevin Greutert, Starring Tobin Bell, Sean Patrick Flanery.

Saw 3D is reportedly the last in the series – although only time will tell.

Carey Elwes reprises his role as Dr. Gordon, a Jigsaw victim from the very first film.