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Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Monday, 25 October 2010 11:37

HereafterI had high expectations for Hereafter, a drama about the afterlife and our connections here and now. I know, it sounds more like an M. Night Shyamalan film, but I thought that if Clint Eastwood in the saddle it would surely be one of the best films of the fall – but I was in for disappointment.

With Eastwood’s track record as a director, it feels at this point as if he can do no wrong. In the last decade alone he’s directed some of the best films out of Hollywood; Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, Invictus – Those titles alone are quite a legacy, and they make up only a small percentage of Clint’s career as a director. The fact is Clint is over 80 years old and better than ever. I guess he’s due for a dud.

Howard and DamonHereafter is like three movies rolled into one, and each one is actually quite good in its own right. Matt Damon plays George, a man who can communicate with the dead. His capitalist brother can’t understand why he doesn’t use this talent to make them both rich, but George considers it a curse that keeps him from having a normal life. Story number two focuses on Marie, a French journalist who has a brush with death during the Tsunami of 2004. She returns home to find that she cannot stop thinking about her experience with the afterlife. The third story isLa France about Marcus, a young boy whose twin brother dies tragically and he can’t accept the loss.

These three stories are all interesting and brilliantly acted, and each could stand on its own as a film. The art direction is beautiful, especially in scenes during the tsunami. But when the three tales converge I was left feeling disappointed. It was like I was waiting for two hours for this big event to occur but the movie just kind of dragged on and eventually fizzled out.

Hereafter had the elements to be a masterpiece, but it left me wanting a more satisfying and less time in my theatre seat.


Directed by Clint Eastwood, Starring Matt Damon and Cecile De France.

Clint Eastwood was so impressed by Matt Damon after filming Invictus that he altered the filming schedule to accommodate him. Matt was filming The Adjustment Bureau at the time.

Frankie and George McLaren, who star as the twin brothers, have never acted before.