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Jackass 3D
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 00:00

Jackass 3DOh what to say about Jackass 3D… I am at a loss. Is it a disgusting example of comedy at its lowest, or a stroke of genius? Maybe a little bit of both as Johnny Knoxville and his gang stoop to new lows and stop at nothing to shock and disgust the audience – an audience that is full of people who paid good money for the experience.

Don't try this at home!Believe it or not, I’ve managed to avoid almost all exposure to the Jackass franchise until now. I was just not that interested in seeing some of the gross-out things I’d heard about – but I will admit that I was missing out on some pretty funny stunts. Watching people try to resist the wind force of a jet engine, speed boating off a ramp in the backyard or climbing a 40-foot tree that’s about to be chopped down, or a stunt called “The Helicockter”; I have to admit I laughed at some of the crazy things these guys are willing to do. It’s surprising they are all still alive to do this film!

KnoxvilleNow for the big question – is it worth the 3D? Surprisingly yes! The 3D is mostly well used and actually does add to the visual experience. The intro and closing scenes in particular look amazing filmed in high-def 3D with really vibrant colors. These scenes are perfectly choreographed chaos! The intro features each of the actors being attacked by various things in slow motion – you can see every ripple caused when a paintball hits bare skin. The closing scene is also in slow motion, and shows the entire set exploding around the actors, right before a massive wave washes them all away! These scenes alone are actually well worth seeing.

On the flip side, I also actually closed my eyes and turned my head to avoid watching some things – when you see the words “Sweat Cocktail” flash across the scene, or volcanic pooping in slow motion… it makes it kind of hard to keep down your popcorn.



This film marks the tenth anniversary for the Jackass franchise, which started in 2000.

Johnny Knoxville’s real name is Philip John Clapp. He got his stage name from his hometown Knoxville, Tennessee.

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