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The Town
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 08:18

The TownIs Ben Affleck the next Clint Eastwood? If you had asked me back when he was playing Reindeer Games, and getting it on with J-Lo in Gigli I would have said “Hell no!”

But in The Town Ben is a triple threat starring, directing and even co-writing a movie that is one of the best dramas of the year. It’s quickly becoming obvious that when Mr. Affleck focuses that handsome gaze on a project that is worthwhile, he can make it a winner.

Affleck and RennerThe Town is about a group of Boston boys who grew up learning the business of bank robbery from the best – their dad’s. Now Doug (Affleck) and Jem (Jeremey Renner) are at the top of their game pulling off the most daring heists. But Jem has become a loose cannon since doing time in jail and things go wrong when his anger and violent nature get the best of him. Doug has to cool things off and do some damage control, which ends up getting him involved in the life of an unsuspecting former hostage (Rebecca Hall).

Hall and AffleckEverything about The Town is top-notch and I wouldn’t be surprised to see on the list of Oscar contenders when the time comes. It has an involving story, edge of your seat action, and great performances by everyone involved. Jon Hamm puts down his Mad Men cocktail and becomes the smart FBI agent on the case. Blake Lively proves she’s more than just a Gossip Girl as a meth-addicted mom.

This movie did not disappoint and one thing is becoming clear – Ben Affleck is growing up, learning and improving with every project he takes on. If he keeps making movies like this one, he’ll be a force in Hollywood for a long, long time.


Directed by Ben Affleck, Starring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner.

Based on the book Prince of Thieves: A Novel by Chuck Hogan.

The first feature film Ben directed was Gone Baby Gone, which won him several awards. It starred his brother Casey Affleck.