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Going the Distance
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Tuesday, 07 September 2010 11:40

Going the DistanceFinally a romance about two people that actually LIKE each other! It’s been the year of love/hate relationships at the movies and the strongest message has been that opposites attract, or at least have great sex. Going the Distance is about a couple who get along great; so great in fact that neither is prepared for the effect that such a positive relationship will have on their lives.

The ever-adorable Drew Barrymore is Erin, a journalism intern in New York with an uncertain future in an equally uncertain industry. She’s about to head back to school in San Francisco when she has a chance encounter with Garrett (Justin Long).  He’s a good-natured guy who just can’t seem to invest emotionally in a relationship. The two hit it off over beers and arcade games and fall into what they think is the perfect fling – good company, good sex and no strings until she leaves in six weeks. But emotions get in the way and they decide to stick it out long distance.

Barrymore and LongThis movie is both hilarious and authentic in its look at modern relationships. I know it isn’t your typical Hollywood romance, but I liked that neither of these characters was willing to give up their dreams or drop everything to be together. Real life just doesn’t always work that way and sometimes you are faced with the fact that things might not work out, no matter how badly you want it. But they genuinely care about each other and that is what also makes it heartbreaking as well as funny (and even made me shed a few tears!).

Showing off some of that chemistryIn the vein of Knocked Up the jokes don’t shy away from an R rating, but jokes in my life are seldom rated PG either. Long and Barrymore have great chemistry, and are backed by an amazing supporting cast including the wonderful Christina Applegate.

It’s almost fall, but I will go ahead and say that Going the Distance is THE romantic-comedy of the summer.


Directed by Nanette Burstein, Starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

Barrymore and Long were once a couple in real-life.

Drew Barrymore has been in show-business since starring in a dog-food commercial at 11-months old!