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Eat Pray Love
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 20:50

Eat Pray LoveEat, Pray, Love is based on the true journey of travel journalist Elizabeth Gilbert, and chronicles her journey to rediscover joy in life. The tough part to swallow is that she is a privileged, American woman whining about feeling unfulfilled and searching for herself in Eastern spirituality. This is a trendy  that the Hollywood elite are quick to sink their manicured claws into. But the only truth we know is our own, and real happiness is a tricky beast to track down no matter what your station in life.

Bardem and Roberts skipping the eating and praying.Julia Roberts, whom audiences love to love, plays a woman who runs away from her marriage into the arms of yet another unfulfilling romance. To get some perspective she decides to take a yearlong solo journey, spending 4 months in Italy eating, India praying and Bali finding balance and learning from other seekers along the way. Of course, in the end, she finds romance which is what inevitable makes the story more marketable.

Julia RobertsThe scenery in this film is spectacular although everything, from ancient ruin to filthy slum, looks so beautiful and glossy that it’s probably a far cry from the real thing. Not to mention that Liz always seems to have the perfect outfit to reflect her location and mood! She’s like a fashion chameleon. But Roberts puts in a good performance, and Javier Bardem is completely charming as her potential lover.

What no one wants you to know is that Elizabeth Gilbert actually got an advance to write a book about this journey before it even began, making me wonder how many of her experiences were sought out as being “good book material”. But that’s beside the point and her journey is one that we all fantasize about experiencing in our own lives.



Directed by Ryan Murphey and starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem.

“Spiritual consultants” were consulted to be sure that Hinduism was accurately depicted in the film.

Julia Roberts gained about seven pounds filming in Italy because so many scenes are about the great food!