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Dinner for Schmucks
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 10:52
Dinner for SchmucksOnce again, it appears to be true that there are no original ideas left in Hollywood. I went to see Dinner for Schmucks not knowing that it is actually a remake of a 1998 French film called The Dinner Game, and now I wish I could see the original to make a comparison.

This version pairs the whirlwind of comedy that is Steve Carrell, with the slightly lower key laugh track that accompanies Paul Rudd. Both are great performers and this movie gives them moments to shine. Schmucks is pretty funny, but overall I felt like there was some missed potential in this comedy.

Carell and RuddRudd is Tim, a rising businessman who has finally made an impression on his boss. As a test to earn a promotion he is invited to a very unique dinner with the company bigwigs… The catch is that he has to invite the biggest idiot he can find for the snooty hosts to make fun of. He’s appalled by the idea, but a chance encounter with Barry (Carrell) seems like fate and Tim thinks he can bag the prize with one little harmless dinner.

Carell and another dinner guestDinner for Schmucks could have gone the way of mean-spirited jokes about physical appearance or mental illness, but it doesn’t. It wisely steers clear of controversy by giving these “schmucks” totally unique issues that they don’t believe are problems at all. Barry really is a moron sometimes, but he’s a sweet moron and, it turns out, fully aware of his uniqueness.

Some scenes made me groan rather than chuckle, but there is a lot to laugh at in this movie and the combined charms of Rudd and Carell make it worth checking out.


Directed by Jay Roach, Starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

Rudd and Carell have worked together before in Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

The dinner scene was filmed at the same location used for Wayne Manor in the Batman TV series.