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Charlie St. Cloud
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 10:48

Charlie St. CloudCharlie St. Cloud is one of those catastrophes that belong on the Hallmark Chanel more than the big screen. If the people in this movie were a few decades older it would be based on a Nicholas Sparks book and everyone would compare the amount of Kleenex they went through… “I cried so hard during that movie!” “I cried more!” “Oh yeah? Well I cried so much my popcorn got soggy!”

But it doesn’t even have Nicholas Sparks to its credit. Instead Charlie St. Cloud’s meal ticket is ZacEfron, who is bridging that gap between High School Musical and grown up heartthrob. Unfortunately this movie doesn’t have enough emotion to balance those abs and baby blues – Zac does put in a good performance but the movie comes across as contrived and hackneyed.

Amanda Crew and Zac EfronThe movie is about the relationship between two brothers. Charlie is a pretty cool big bro – he plays catch, dishes advice and is obviously going places in life. But when his little brother Sam is killed in a car crash, life screeches to a halt and Charlie lives to fulfill his promise to meet with Sam every day for a game of catch. The small matter that Charlie can still see and talk to his dead brother doesn’t seem to be an issue, until he meets a girl (Amanda Crew) and has to decide between a real live pretty girl or an annoying walking-dead little brother.

Charlie and dead-Sam playing ballActing isn’t the problem since the entire cast is good, including a cameo by Ray Liotta as the paramedic that attended the accident scene.  I found the pacing slow and it just didn’t keep my interest or involve me emotionally. In fact I actually fell asleep a couple of times – literally. In a crowded theatre! So that should tell you about all you need to know.


Directed by Burr Steers, Starring Zac Efron

Zac Efron the lead role in the remake of Footloose to star in this film.

Efron’s first acting gig was in the short-lived (but awesome) TV series Firefly in 2002.