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Ramona and Beezus
Sunday, 25 July 2010 20:45

Ramona and BeezusRamona and Beezus is a saccharine sweet family film based on the famous children’s books by Beverly Cleary. This adaptation has some charming moments but seems directionless. Too slow moving and complex for young children, but not mature enough for adult audiences.

Joey King and Senena GomezRamona (Joey King) is a rambunctious little girl who is misunderstood for her original thinking and creativity. She comes across as a trouble maker but really has the best intentions. How many of us can identify with that? Her family is going through a rough time financially while Ramona seems to get into one mess after another as she tries to help out. Her big sister Beatrice, or “Beezus” (Selena Gomez), is usually the one she turns to for guidance but things are changing now that Beezus is growing up.

The Quimby familyThere are things I really liked about this movie, such as the storyline involving Ginnifer Goodwin as Ramona’s aunt and her old flame played by Josh Duhamel. Ramona just doesn’t understand why her aunt is worried about being “reeled in like a sea bass” by her charming ex, and it’s fun to see these types of adult issues through the eyes of an 8-year old girl. John Corbett is also charming as her father who is trying to support his family but struggling with the feeling that he has missed his calling. Ramona and her dad have a special bond and this comes across well in the scenes they share together.

Besides good performances by an excellent cast, there is simply too much crammed in to this film which is what ultimately fails it. Small children may be bored and their parents will be left wanting more substance.


Directed by Elizabeth Allen, starring John Corbett, Joey Allen and Selena Gomez.

Henry Huggins is also a famous Beverly Cleary character who makes an appearance in this film.

Ramona was also played by Sarah Polley in a Canadian TV series.