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Monday, 12 July 2010 11:19

PredatorsA group of strangers are stranded in a mysterious jungle with no idea how to escape or why they are there... Sound familiar? Watching the new Predators film I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to TV’s Lost! A weird comparison to make, but that’s not a bad thing. Predators gives audiences what they are asking for – non-stop action with plenty of thrills, some cool monsters and a few quotable lines of cheesy dialogue. In short – I kinda’ liked it.

I’ve actually never seen the other Predator movies, the first of which starred “Ahnuld” Schwarzenegger blasting his way through the jungles of Central America on the lam from a space creature. In this third instalment (not counting the two Alien Vs Predator films) the Predators get to be more choosey about their prey.

Adrien Brody and Alice BragaThe film opens with Adrien Brody waking up in freefall, plummeting toward earth with no idea how he got there. When his shoot finally deploys it’s barely in time to stop him from breaking every bone in his body on impact. Several other people are stranded there with him, all of them strangers with a history of violence. Soon they discover that in these new surroundings, they are not the hunters but the hunted.

All the better to see you with, my dear...Adrien Brody is an unusual choice for an action star and he’s really bulked up his normally long and lanky body. Newly buff, he’s a force to be reckoned with. The rest of the cast consists of a Mexican, a black guy, an Asian and a few others since the Predators obviously heard it’s healthy to eat a “rainbow of colors”. I guess they like variety.

The Predators themselves are quite creepy and intimidating, and they look good despite being mostly computer generated. These otherworldly creatures live for the hunt, making them the ultimate killers.



Directed by Nimrod Antal, Starring Adrien Brody and Alice Braga.

Predators was written and produced by Robert Rodriguez.

After twenty-years the original Predator creature design makes a comeback in this sequel.