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Twilight: Eclipse
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 21:30

Twilight: EclipseDespite incredible popularity with women of all ages, and even some Twihards of the male persuasion – each of the Twilight movies has been a disappointment, whether you want to admit it or not. I’ve read the books, and though I find aspects of them frustrating, I think that better scripts and better actors could have brought them to life in a much more interesting (and less snooze inducing) way.

Eclipse carries on the series’ tradition of being drabby, monotonous and dismal. Kristen Stewart in her deadpan, expressionless way insists with childish stubbornness that she and Edward the vamp are meant to be together, despite his controlling nature and her obvious attraction to Jacob the werewolf. Jake really would be better for her since at least he lets her make her own choices instead of dictating her every move like Mr. Sparkle-Skin the bloodsucker.

Bite me BellaSo Bella is of course torn between stringing along her more-than-best-friend Jake and making a commitment to marry Edward. She considers marriage at seventeen a hillbilly thing to do, but wants to sleep with Edward and have him “turn” her before she makes any commitment to wear his ring. That is until their nemesis Victoria sweeps in to exact her revenge for the death of her lover (in the first film). She is raising an army of newborn baddies to defeat the Cullen’s, unless the ancient Volturi intervene. With Jake and Edward fighting like cats and dogs the rivals have to work together to once again save Bella while she makes that as difficult as possible.

The love triangle - Jacob, Bella and EdwardIn this instalment we get to see flashbacks to the Cullen family members before they were vamps, all of which are more interesting stories than the endless pining of our three main characters. Give a movie to Rosalie, Jasper, or Carlisle – or better yet let Dakota Fanning take the lead as the wickedly creepy Jane. She is hands down the most convincing thing on screen in this film... And don’t even get me started on the CG wolves.