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Knight and Day
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 20:55

Knight and DayHow many movies actually allow Tom Cruise to play someone as crazy as his real life self? It’s a tough bar to hit. But his hilarious stint in Tropic Thunder as the overweight, bald, dancing studio exec Less Grossman showed us that Cruise has the chops (and a few extra pork chops in that fat suit) for comedy. Regardless of how you feel about Tom Cruise, in Knight and Day it’s his frantic comedic performance that keeps the film going and makes it one of most bankable action movies of the summer.

Cruise and DiazCameron Diaz is the “day” to Cruise’s “night”. She is a sunny blonde named June who rebuilds classic cars and wouldn’t be out of place in a romantic comedy. She’s attempting to fly home for her sister’s wedding when she bumps into (literally) Roy Miller (Cruise) at the airport and is immediately drawn to him. Half-way through the flight after some serious flirting she realizes that Miller isn’t exactly what she thought he was. Her first cue being all the dead bodies on the plane!

Waving red bike in front of bullsI don’t want to give too much away, but the story is pretty typical action movie fluff involving espionage and lots of car chases. It’s the surprising chemistry between Diaz and Cruz that really keeps things going at a breakneck pace and makes the movie a success. Diaz is hilarious when her character is forced into situations outside her element, dodging bullets with much crazy jittering and squealing.

If you put your brain on summer vacation Knight and Day is actually a super fun romp.


Directed by James Mangold, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Adam Sandler and Chris Tucker were both considered for Tom Cruise’s role. Somehow, I think Grown Ups was a better fit for those two.

Cruise and Diaz have joined forces on-screen before in Vanilla Sky (2001).