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Get Him to the Greek
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 14:33

Get Him to the GreekGet Him to The Greek is a funny and irreverent look at the world of rock and roll as seen through the eyes of a naive record company intern. It is totally riotous, unconventional and actually manages to inject a fair amount of emotion into a raunchy comedy.

Hill and Brand run from P.Diddy (and who can blame them?)English born comedian Russell Brand is becoming quite a commodity. He’s a successful stand-up comedian, engaged to popstar pinup-girl Katy Perry, and already has a few decent films under his studded leather belt. His alter ego, the rock star Aldous Snow, has already made us pee our pants laughing in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but can he carry an entire film based on this character? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

Brand teams up once more with Marshall co-star Jonah Hill who plays Aaron, a sweet natured guy looking to break into the recording industry. He’s given the task of going to England to meet his idol Aldous Snow and bring him back to the US in time for an anniversary concert at The Greek theatre. Dream job? Hardly! Not when Aldous is a depressed, drug-addicted, overgrow n man-child who is incapable of committing to a plan for more than 5-minutes.

Brand as Aldous SnowChaos ensues. I would probably best compare the comedy in this film to being along the lines of The Hangover, so if you liked that film there’s a good chance you’ll laugh at this. The songs alone that Aldous performs are fantastic, sounding like real rock songs with lyrics just twisted up enough to be dirty and hilarious. Brand is skilled at playing the rock star role that is way over the top but realistic at the same time. The chemistry between he and Hill is fantastic and they give a fresh feel to the “buddy” dynamic.


Directed by Nicholas Stroller, starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

Writer Jason Segall also penned Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where Aldous Snow made his first film appearance.

Russell Brand provides the voice of Dr. Nefario in the upcoming animated movie Despicable Me.