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Thursday, 27 May 2010 15:15

MacGruberMacGruber is probably one of the least likely Saturday Night Live skits to be made into a feature film, but at the same time it is the one that makes the most sense. After all, it’s really just an action-movie full of clichés, but aren’t all action movies clichéd parodies these days?

Will Forte as MacGruberMacGruber (Will Forte) likes his jeans tight and his plaid blue – he also likes to make weapons out of bulletin-board tacks and distract the enemy by shoving celery stalks where the sun don’t shine. It’s amazing how many enemies you can incapacitate when they are staring at a bare ass with a celery stalk tail. When MacGruber’s arch enemy Dieter Von Cunth (and yes, it sounds the way it’s spelled) hatches an evil plan, it’s up to MacGruber and his team to stop him. Val Kilmer plays Von Cunth with glee, and I have to say it’s nice to see him back in the spy-spoof genre like in Top Secret.

Phillippe, Forte and WiigKristen Wiig plays the sweet natured love interest and sidekick Vicki St. Elmo who wears her hair in a Farah Fawcett swoosh and thinks blue eye shadow is her best friend. Ryan Phillippe is the straight laced Lieutenant Dixon Piper who gets none of the glory but usually saves the day from MacGrubers’ mess ups.

It’s crude, rude and not for the easily offended but MacGruber did make me laugh. It’s funnier than its SNL counterpart because at least it has time to develop the characters and find some momentum with the jokes. I thought some parts went a little too far, and more time could have been spent on MacGrubers’ improvised weapons and tactics which almost never work. MacGyver would be mortified!


Directed by Jorma Taccone and starring Will Forte, Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe.

The Special Ops team MacGruber puts together consists of five WWE wrestlers.

Kristen Wiig appeared on an episode of WWF RAW as Vicki St. Elmo.