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Letters to Juliet
Saturday, 15 May 2010 16:12

letters-to-juliet-posterDear Juliet,

I am a victim of unrequited love. You see, I love the movies – but do they love me back? NO. They just turn their cold cinematic gaze on hundreds, yes hundreds of other lovers. Just as Romeo forgot his love for Rosaline once Juliet entered the picture, so the films forget my love with each box office dollar they collect. Will the movies love me more if I give them good reviews?

Love, Popcorn

Redgrave and SeyfriedThis week I was lucky enough to check out a sneak preview of Letters to Juliet, a predictable but charming little romance that will no doubt steal the hearts of X-chromosome humans everywhere. Amanda Seyfried (whose sweet face and golden hair are everywhere lately) stars as Sophie, a New York writer engaged to an up and coming restaurateur.  When she tags along to Italy on a buyer’s trip she is left to entertain herself – hardly the romantic getaway she was hoping for.

Egan and SeyfriedShe stumbles on a special place in Verona where women from all over go to pour their hearts out and leave letters to “Juliet” about their troubles with love. Sophie meets the “Secretaries of Juliet”, a group of women who respond to each letter with words of wisdom. By fluke she finds a letter that was hidden for 50 years from a woman who left her true love behind. Her response sets in motion a search by Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) who decides it is finally time to search for her true love Lorenzo after all these years. She brings along her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan).

I enjoyed this yummy little piece of tiramisu, especially seeing footage of the beautiful Italian countryside, towns and vineyards. Nice performances by Vanessa Redgrave, still lovely in her later years, and Hollywood “it girl” Amanda Seyfried. Gael Garcia Bernal is simply over the top and annoying as Sophie’s overenthusiastic fiancé. Overall Letters to Juliet is an inoffensive little romance.