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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 10:15

gunlessIt’s always good to see Canadian films get some well-deserved exposure. And who better than Paul Gross, fresh off his massive success with Passchendaele, to shine the spotlight on more Canuck content? Despite Gross’ best intentions, Gunless is pleasantly entertaining but never feels like more than a CBC TV special.

The Montana Kid (Paul Gross) is an American gun-slinging cowboy who rides into a sleepy little town in Canada. There’s a bounty on his head so he’s got to lay low, much to the dismay of the towns peaceful citizens, who don’t seem to have a violent bone in their collective bodies. There he meets Jane (Sienna Guillory), a feisty (but aren’t they all?) young widower who is working her fingers to the bone to prove she can manage a farm on her own.

Paul Gross as The Montana KidPaul Gross plays The Kid with zeal, revelling in the tough-guy drawl, his long flowing locks of dirty hair, and that sunblind squint cowboys wear so well. He’s actually a lot of fun to watch in this role and totally made me think of a young Bruce Campbell - and Evil Dead fans know that nobody is cooler than Bruce Campbell.

Sienna GuilloryUnfortunately many of the jokes simply fall flat and warrant little more than a chuckle but it’s good to note that this is family-friendly humour; hard to come by in a market oversaturated with R-rated laughs. Probably the funniest moments of Gunless run during the final credits – so if you do check this out in theatres be sure to stay and watch the outtakes.


Gunless had a budget of only $10-million.

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