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The Back-Up Plan
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 19:14

The Backup PlanThe Backup Plan marks Jennifer Lopez’s return to the big screen after implementing her own baby-making abilities in real life. I could handle being reincarnated into that gene pool, but only if somehow Marc Anthony’s genetic material could be extracted. No doubt the film-fruit of Jen’s womb will be a commercial success, but mostly because of her unfailing box-office power.

The Backup Plan is about Zoe, a successful woman who has everything she wants except a family. Years of dating have left her on her own, so she decides to have a baby on her own too. After being inseminated by test-tube CRM-1014/red hair, she leaves the clinic on top of the world only to bump into the man of her dreams. O'Loughlin and LopezStan (Alex O’Loughlin) is a maker of goat cheese who is immediately smitten by Zoe. Probably it’s the spike heels and non-existent mini-dress, or maybe it’s that special glow of a woman who’s just been fertilized. Either way, the two hit it off and continue bumping into each other all over town until she finally agrees to go on a date with him. The fact that she is indeed preggers before they even start having sex throws a wrench into things.

Lopez and O'LoughlinThe Backup Plan walks a fine line in spike heels. It wants to be edgy and daring, but ends up being tepid and not all that funny. It also takes a rather disturbing view that most single mothers are butch, prayer-chanting, granola eaters who don’t shave. The single-mom’s support group Zoe attends is full of scary and insulting stereotypes. Then there’s the horrific child birth scene involving a tub full of pooh and embryonic fluid.

There are a few laughs, and a few sweet scenes, but overall this movie would be a dud if it wasn’t for the star power of J-Lo’s baby-glow. I felt sorry for the guys who were dragged along by their girlfriends.