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The Losers
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 19:11

The LosersThe Losers is yet another comic book adaptation brought to life on the big-screen. I have to admit, I wasn’t really expecting to like this one, but it is at least an entertaining bit of action fluff. It doesn’t stand up to other comic book gems like Kick-Ass, but a couple of stand-outs in the cast make it worth checking out if explosions and knuckle-pounding is your thing.

Most notable to the cast is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, best known for a stint on Grey’s Anatomy and then for a stellar performance as “The Comedian” in The Watchmen. He plays Clay, the leader of the pack with a casual, sleepy-eyed way about him (and he’s kind of yummy too). The other stand-out is Chris Evans as Jensen, a bespectacled smart ass who changes his quirky graphic T-shirts more than his underwear. He steals scenes, especially when strutting through a hotel lobby singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”.

The Losers teamThe Losers are a group of special-ops military guys who wind up being framed and targeted by their own people.  Each has his specialty whether it be vehicles, computers, weaponry – you name it; and they all have to work together to clear their names back in the good old U.S. of A. Sound familiar? You might be thinking of The A-Team, also on the movie release schedule for summer. There are more than a few similarities.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Zoe SaldanaNo comic book action film would be complete without a scalding hot, tough-as-nails, trash talking babe thrown into the mix. Zoe Saldana, minus the blue skin and tail from Avatar, fills this job description nicely. She gets to strut around in tight outfits carrying missile launchers and tossing her hair about. Her character irritated me, and although I liked her in Star Trek and Avatar I didn’t find her very believable in this role.

All out action craziness ensues, and if this is your deal than you’ll probably enjoy The Losers.