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Thursday, 22 April 2010 18:50
ChloeThere is a saying that there are no original ideas and this often proves most true in the movie industry. It seems just about every movie slated for release is a remake of something; Horror movies (Nightmare on Elm Street), Comedies (Death at a Funeral) and old TV Shows (The A-Team). Foreign films often get American makeovers but Chloe (originally a French film titled Nathalie) gets the Canadian treatment from director Atom Egoyan.

I’ve seen both the original and now the remake, and both are compelling films. Chloe may have lost a little of the seedy darkness in the original – but luckily Egoyan does not shy away from the provocative, erotic core of the story. Thankfully his actors are not scared off by the sexually candid content either.

Seyfried and MooreJulianne Moore gives a fearless performance as Catherine, a beautiful and successful woman who is noticing age creeping up on her, and distance growing between her and her attractive husband (Liam Neeson) whom she suspects is having an affair. A chance meeting with Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), a sweet-faced escort, prompts Catherine to hire the young prostitute to tempt her husband.

Seyfried and Neeson get steamyChloe is a sexy thriller on the surface, but really it is about the relationships and emotions of normal people behaving in unexpected ways. Julianne Moore is a great actress and she really “bares all” literally and figuratively as this woman who is ultimately feeling powerless in her own life. Amanda Seyfried holds her own in the title role, seductive and charming with her peaches-and-cream, youthful beauty. Liam Neeson is barely more than a cameo, but he’s a charmer as always.

The film fails as a thriller and I found myself actually chuckling over one particular scene near the end, but as a drama the performances are strong enough to draw the audience in. Chloe is not a perfect film, but is definitely worth a viewing.