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Monday, 12 April 2010 12:56
DefendorDefendor stars Woody Harrelson at his absolute best, and I feel this low budget comedic drama deserves a lot more exposure than it has been receiving.

No doubt Woody Harrelson has had a stellar career in the past few years. Who knew that bumbling Woody from Cheers would go on to have such a prolific and varied career in the movies? In the last year alone he’s gone from bad-ass zombie slayer (Zombieland) to nutso conspiracy theorist (2012) and gotten an Oscar nomination for The Messenger.

Woody Harrelson is DefendorDefendor allows Woody a subtle and likeable performance. In it he plays Arthur Poppington, a man who believes he is a superhero and makes it a reality through his innocence. He hits the streets each night dressed in a makeshift costume, with homemade gadgets as his only weapon, looking for the villain he calls Captain Industry. Along the way he befriends a young teenage girl named Kat (Kat Dennings) who is prostituting herself for drug money. She claims to know who Captain Industry is and will help Arthur – for a fee of course.

Kat Dennings and Woody HarrelsonHarrelson plays Arthur with a sweet naiveté and determination. We know he isn’t “all there” mentally, but his good intentions, courage and moral convictions cause him to be a true hero. Through his story, his psychiatrist (Sandra Oh) and all who come to know him recognize that he is no menace to society and that the only people who need to fear this gentle man are those who truly are villains.

Defendor is such a wonderfully surprising and fresh film with a brilliant script. It’s obvious that everyone involved had a passion for this project and if you have an open mind for a great film, this one is a must see!

Sidebar Notes:

Defendor is a Canadian movie filmed in Ontario, and is the directorial debut of Canadian actor Peter Stebbings who also wrote the film.

Defendor is available on DVD April 13th, 2010.