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The Last Song
Monday, 05 April 2010 12:22
The Last SongThe current score is Nicholas Sparks: Two, Audience: Zero. At least that’s how it feels this year as the “it-man” of tearjerker romances rakes in the bucks from not one, but TWO movie adaptations of his novels. Kleenex sales skyrocket and IQ’s plummet as we flock with packs of girlfriends (or whipped boyfriends) to the theatre for a good cry. But is it really that simple? Can we be so easily manipulated by Dear John letters one month and Miley Cyrus’ Last Song the next?

The answer lies in the packed theatre I was sitting in – every seat sold out and not a dry eye in the house (except perhaps mine, but I’m heartless). In The Last Song Miley Cyrus plays Ronnie, a rebellious sixteen year old brat forced to spend the summer in a beach town with her sweet father (Greg Kinnear), who she resents since her parents separated. She wears the uniform of rebellious teens – heavy eye make-up and combat boots. Her little brother, in a terrible performance by an irksome Bobby Coleman, is over-eager to the point of looking psychotic in every scene.

When Ronnie meets Will, the town do-gooder (Liam Hemsworth), she resists his charm at first but eventually is sucked in by his blondeCyrus and Hemsworth protecting the turtles. tips and cut abs. Actually, they share a common bond of being good people who are allowing their families to dictate their lives; Will by doing what his parents want, and Ronnie by doing the opposite. They share many strictly above the waist romantic moments, and many illogical and irritating arguments. Ronnie is an emotional rollercoaster who is continuously either madly in love or spitting mad for no reason.

Then tragedy strikes. Did you forget that this is a Nicholas Sparks story? If we learned one thing from The Notebook, or Message in a Bottle it’s that tragedy is inevitable.

Teenage love, above the belt.Miley’s performance is surprisingly not terrible during the sad parts but when she’s happy she falls back into Hannah Montana overacting – beaming her toothy grin from ear to ear. Greg Kinnear is charming as always and goes a long way towards improving the film. The story is the most unfortunate thing about The Last Song, being way too predictable and far too contrived as a tear-jerker.


This is the first time Nicholas Sparks actually adapted his own novel into a screenplay.

Miley Cyrus’ first movie appearance was in Tim Burton’s Big Fish.