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Clash of the Titans
Monday, 05 April 2010 09:15
Clash of the TitansClash of the Titans, a remake of the original 1981 cult classic, has a lot to live up to. First and foremost, it is battling the success of Avatar, a titan of action-cinema. It is also up against the Percy Jackson movie, which exposed younger audiences to a fresh take on the Greek mythos this winter. Titans is entertaining cinema, but in my opinion it fails to match either of these films in technical wizardry or creativity .

In order to compete with films like Avatar, an unfortunate decision was made to convert Clash of the Titans to 3D in post-production. All of the monsters and effects looked great, but I found the 3D distracting and often hard on the eyes. Personally, I think 3D is a novelty that is being overused and ill-used judging by the long list of 3D movies slated for release in 2010. I mean, is Step Up 3-D really necessary, or Piranha 3-D? (Although my attraction to monster movies means I will go see this despite myself.)

Sam Worthington - Half Man Half Anything You Want Him to BeClash of the Titans is about Perseus, a man who finds out that he is the son of Zeus. Actor Sam Worthington seems to be making a living playing combo characters – half man half Terminator; half man, half Na’vi, half man half god. Well, in my books he’s half man, half fantasy too but that’s another matter. He’s handsome and a good actor… I might be tempted to compare him to a young Russell Crowe.

Perseus and the FatesPerseus goes on a quest to battle against the heavens in a fight to save man-kind from the gods who grow tired of human antics. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes play battling brothers Zeus and Hades, though the roles are not a stretch for either of them. In a nutshell story and acting are mediocre, effects are good, and the best thing about the movie are the flying horses.


Bubo the Owl from the 1981 film makes a small cameo appearance as a joke, but is not a character in the remake.

Director Louis Leterrier was a big fan of the original film as a child.