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Hot Tub Time Machine
Monday, 29 March 2010 10:27
Hot Tub Time MachineIt would be fantastic if I actually had a Hot Tub Time Machine… I could hop in, have a relaxing soak and rewind the two hours I wasted on this mediocre and disappointing movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine is either an ingenious title or a lame one, depending on your perspective. Personally, I like it in the same way I liked Snakes on a Plane, but unfortunately it relies too heavily on title alone to win an audience.

We already know John Cusack can survive the apocalypse, but can he survive reliving the 80’s? More importantly has he ever really left the 80’s? He still kind of looks the same with the puppy dog eyes, and he never takes off that black trench coat from Say Anything unless of course he’s hopping naked into a hot tub.

It's some sort of... Hot Tub Time Machine!Here Cusack and a bunch of his pals are forced to journey back to a memorable weekend in 1986 when their hot tub gets fried by an energy drink. Since their lives aren’t exactly stellar, the gang thinks it will be awesome to relive the days of boom boxes and casual sex. Adam (Cusack) regrets breaking up with the airheaded hotty he traded virginities with. Nick (Craig Robinson) wants to pursue the music career he gave up for his wife. Lou (Rob Corddry) is a jerk no matter what decade he’s in, but he’s lonely and searching for love in every pair of panties he can get into. Then there’s Jacob, Adam’s anti-social nephew who wasn’t even around in 1986. He’s about to get a sex-ed lesson that might scar him for life.

80's Ski Fashion EyesorePromising isn’t it? Well, that’s about as far as the potential goes. Good casting, great set design and attention to detail but it all boils down to the same urine, vomit and gay jokes that we’ve seen a million times. Hot Tub Time Machine is being touted as the next Hangover, but that is simply wishful thinking.




Krispin Glover goes “back to the future” again. He plays a bell-hop who is destined to have his arm lopped off by accident… But when and how is the running gag.

Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed on Canadian soil, in Vancouver and other beautiful BC locations.