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Repo Men
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 07:58
Repo MenWhat would you pay to prolong your life? If you could buy a kidney, a lung, a heart, how much would be too much? This is the interesting question posed in the not-so-interesting film “Repo Men”.

Jude Law stars as Remy, a sort of corporate hit-man whose job is to repossess mechanical body parts when the owner can’t pay the bill. He and his partner Jake (Forest Whitaker) are the best at locating and mercilessly reclaiming parts for The Union, makers of high-tech medical gadgetry. When Remy suffers a heart-attack on the job, he’s forced to sign up for a new heart – a heart he can’t afford to pay for when he suddenly finds his job morally hard to stomach. Remy is suddenly on the other side of the knife, on the run with a woman he is trying to protect (Alice Braga).

Law is shocking“Repo Men” boasts a great concept that could have provided endless inspiration for an intelligent sci-fi film but instead it takes the route of mostly brainless, and very bloody action thriller. Organs are ripped out, throats are slashed and the gore is splashed in every way imaginable. It’s trying to be a cross between “Fight Club” and “Blade Runner” but is missing the crucial element of a likeable character. Remy redeems himself throughout the film when he starts to understand the gravity of what he has been doing.

Law and WhitakerThere are some interesting moments in the film, including a very strange “love scene” that involves more pain than passion but was certainly effective. The film was originally titled “Repossession Mambo” and when you see this scene you’ll understand why it was a perfect title. They should have kept it. It also would have been a far better film if some of the action and gore were substituted for plot development. Overall a mediocre movie that might have been a masterpiece.

Sidebar Notes:

The film was originally titled “Repossession Mambo”, the title of the novel penned by screenwriter Eric Garcia.

Not to be confused with the 1984 film “Repo Man” starring Emilio Estevez about repossessing cars.