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The Bounty Hunter
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 07:48
The Bounty HunterIf you’re going to watch a movie about a contemptuous couple of ex-married’s, isn’t it important to know a bit about why they ever got married in the first place? Or why they got divorced? Apparently none of that relationship stuff matters in this un-romantic and un-funny romantic-comedy. “The Bounty Hunter” is about as sexy as its TV counterpart “Dog The Bounty Hunter” – which is to say, not at all.

Gerard Butler has great promise as a romantic leading man. He’s buff, Scottish and sexy in no particular order – so why does he insist on downplaying those strengths by playing boorish, lazy, American slobs? While I thought “The Ugly Truth” had some laughs, he clearly needs to work on his script choices. Here he plays Milo, an ex-cop turned bounty hunter and an ex-husband turned lazy jackass.

Aniston and ButlerEven Jennifer Aniston misses the mark as Butler’s one-time wife Nicole. She doesn’t act so much as emote with her hair, tossing it around to show varying degrees of sadness (hide behind it), determination (tie it up) or frustration (wild and messy). Nicole is a reporter about to uncover a murder involving dirty cops, but she winds up arrested and wanted for skipping bail. Cue Milo, who is overjoyed when he’s hired to arrest the former Mrs.

Aniston and Butler get kinkyThe supposed sexual tension between these two is meant to keep things rolling, but falls flat – unlike Aniston’s spike-heal shoes and push-up bra. Perhaps not the best gear to be wearing when shoved into the trunk of a car, stealing a bicycle or trying to solve a murder. Butler gets to kidnap her, handcuff her and tackle her while crowds look on seemingly unconcerned that a woman is being abducted in a parking lot.

“The Bounty Hunter” isn’t very funny and doesn’t have the chemistry to make the sexual innuendo work.


Gerard B utler and Jennifer Aniston are rumored to be romantically involved since filming “The Bounty Hunter”.

Gerard Butler was once awarded a certificate of bravery for saving a young boy from drowning in Scotland.