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The Crazies
Monday, 01 March 2010 19:21
The CraziesThis week I went to see The Crazies. No, that isn’t code for a wild night at the Rockin’ Rodeo or some other hook-up bar, although Friday night with the creepers and the cougars probably would have been much more horrific than my night at the movie theatre! The Crazies might make your heart pound, and your skin crawl, but at least you don’t have to wake up with it the morning after.

The Crazies is a remake of a 1973 film, originally directed by George A. Romero (famed pioneer of zombies). I can’t say I’ve seen the original but this remake has sure sparked my curiosity. The updated version is much smarter, scarier and more fun than I was expecting!

One of the locals in The CraziesWhat would you do if your town, your family and everyone you trust suddenly became gibbering, mindless homicidal maniacs? This is the predicament a small band of normal people finds themselves in when insanity starts spreading like a plague through their town. Timothy Olyphant plays David, a sheriff who is the first to notice the changes. He and his pregnant wife (Radha Mitchell) must do whatever it takes to escape the town before they are killed or become insane themselves.

The Not-So-CraziesSolid performances by the stars really help drive the action in this movie. Instead of a bunch of typecast characters – confident hero, half-naked bimbo, disposable sidekick – the characters here are a least a little more interesting. I especially like Radha Mitchell who is not your typical blonde bubblehead, but an intelligent, capable woman who fights back hard. I also really liked Joe Anderson as the deputy sheriff. He is sometimes the comic relief, but never just the butt of a joke.

There are some really great thrilling moments that made me want to cover my eyes and peep through my fingers! It’s gory and often goes for the cheap thrill, but also has plenty of genuinely creepy scenes. Plot holes aside The Crazies is a crazy good time.


The Crazies is a remake of a 1973 George A. Romero film.

Radha Mitchell starred in Silent Hill, another horror film.