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Cop Out
Monday, 01 March 2010 19:19
Cop OutDear Kevin Smith,

I don’t know how to say this, so I will keep it simple. It’s over between us. There was a time when I thought you cared – Clerks; Mall Rats; Dogma – we really had something special. Even your time on Degrassi: The Next Generation showed me you wanted to spend quality time. But now, the passion isn’t there. After seeing Cop Out I feel used; you betrayed me.

Cop Out is a generic buddy comedy about an NYPD cop and his irritating partner who are trying to get back a valuable stolen baseball card. It pays homage to buddy-cop films of the 80’s – complete with cheesy synthesizer music in the background. But it’s missing something… well, actually it’s missing everything. Cop Out is charmless, humorless and pointless lacking even enough sense to cut itself short. At almost 2 hours this movie feels looong!

cop-outBruce Willis is sleepwalking his way through another role as a sarcastic but kind-hearted cop – there’s even an obvious reference to Die Hard. He just looks bored and irritated throughout the film and I can’t say I blame him. Tracy Morgan, as his partner, must have been high on Red Bull to motor mouth his way through all the pages of dialogue. Too bad none of it is funny. Now, Sean William Scott actually is sort of funny as a goofy, obnoxious thief. Unfortunately his role is reduced to barely more than a cameo.

Morgan and Willis dial in their performances.So Mr. Smith, as you can see, what once held the promise of a bright future has now been tarnished by carelessness. I know that sometimes flirting with something cheap and easy might sound like a good idea, but it won’t amount to more than a one-night-stand at the box-office. I hope in the future, you can win me back but for now don’t call, don’t write and please don’t direct a sequel.


Kevin Smith had an acting role alongside Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard.

In the screenplay the film was originally titled “A Couple of Dicks”. It was changed because major studios wouldn’t have backed it.