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Crazy Heart
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 11:22
Crazy HeartCrazy Heart is a nostalgic, bitter/sweet story that is comfortingly familiar. In that sense, I guess it is like an old time country song about hard times, love and loss. But this is also an uplifting film that leaves a feeling of hope and redemption.

Jeff Bridges’ performance has everyone predicting an Oscar, and it’s true that he seems to inhabit this character. He plays Bad Blake, a tough as nails country singer who has seen his share of ups and downs. Most of the ups have been because of his successful music career – but most of the downs have been because of his successful drinking career. Though he doesn’t seem to realize it, alcoholism has robbed him of his relationships, his money and his health.

Jeff Bridges and Maggie GyllenhaalMaggie Gyllenhaal is also Oscar nominated for her performance as Jean, a young reporter who is just sorting out life with her four year old son. She is a smart woman who has lifted herself out of the dirt, brushed herself off and doesn’t intend to be pushed back down. When she interviews Blake they hit it off but neither of them realizes just what kind of impact they will have on each other’s lives.

Jeff Bridges and Robert DuvallCrazy Heart is one of those movies that just feels right. It isn’t a bio-pic, but the characters are so well fleshed out and natural that this could be about any country legend, from Haggard to Cash. Jeff Bridges looks the part, especially after having put on several pounds (much of it in facial hair), and the fact that he plays the guitar and sings with a big bear growl certainly doesn’t hurt. He’s just a brilliant performer in every sense. Colin Farrell also sings and plays in his supporting role as Blake’s protégé who hasn’t forgotten his roots despite superstardom.

Great songs and beautiful cinematography flesh out this wonderful movie. Crazy Heart is solid entertainment.


Crazy Heart is Scott Cooper’s directorial debut. He also produced and co-wrote the film.

Crazy Heart was filmed in only 24 days.

Songwriter T Bone Burnett also wrote songs for the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”