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Dear John
Sunday, 07 February 2010 21:01

Dear JohnNicholas Sparks is a tease. He likes to taunt us with promises of undying love, romance and souls brought together forever. But we all know that no sooner do we take the bait than he rips it away and makes all the girls cry. The famous author of such syrupy concoctions as The Notebook and A Walk to Remember gives us another Kleenex caper with Dear John.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried is Savannah, a blue-blooded girl with a soft spot for helping those in need. When her purse falls into the ocean one day, a buff army brat jumps in to rescue it and the two impossibly beautiful people fall immediately in love. His name, of course, is John (Channing Tatum) and he’s a guy with a past. The military straightened him out though and now he’s honorable through and through.

Unfortunately the lovebirds only have two precious weeks together before he is shipped off for a whole year! During that time they go to barbeques, build houses for the less fortunate and have perfect kisses in rainstorms. Passionate love at it’s PG-13 best.

Tatum and SeyfriedWhen John is posted overseas he and Savannah promise to write and tell each other everything that happens in their lives. I don’t want to give anything away, but this is a Nicholas Sparks novel, so we all know that not everything comes up sunshine and daffodils.

Amanda Seyfried is a very charismatic leading lady and she definitely has the charm necessary to carry a movie. Unfortunately Dear John never really gets the emotional grip it strives for, and it left me feeling detached and a little confused by the tacked on ending. It’s not a terrible romance, but won’t be the heart-flutterer that Valentine’s Day audiences are hoping for.


• Dear John, the book and the movie have very different endings!

• Amanda Seyfried’s next film Letters to Juliet is also about love letters.