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From Paris With Love
Sunday, 07 February 2010 17:06
From Paris With LoveYou know it’s bad when clichés start piling up faster than the body count. From Paris With Love has neither heart nor brain but it has more than enough blood to splatter across the screen.

Travolta and Rhys MeyersJohn Travolta, looking like a cross between a pro-wrestler and a wide-mouth bass, plays secret agent Charlie Wax. He is the embodiment of the loud-mouthed American stereotype – storming in like he owns the place, leaving a trail of dead bodies and fornicating with anything in a skirt; all for very good top-secret reasons, of course. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays James, another American in Paris. He’s got a cushy job as political assistant and a beautiful Parisian fiancé. He’s also a secret agent himself. Pair these two up and how could things go wrong?

Scene from From Paris With LoveFor starters, the story is all over the map. Wax drags James around town, killing almost anyone in his path and we never really know why. Don’t take your poodle out for a walk with this guy around or you’ll likely get plugged! They move from a drug bust in a Chinese restaurant to killing street thugs just for the fun of it and then finally Middle Eastern terrorists somehow become part of the plot. Along the way Wax goes through endless ammo, the inevitable high-speed car chase and sex with a prostitute; all in time to be invited home for a nice dinner with James and his fiancé.

Of course there is the inevitable witty banter to let us know just how well these two guys are getting along although they have nothing in common. This is a buddy movie after all, and what would a buddy movie be without a “bromance”? At the end of the day after the bodies have been counted, there’s nothing like sitting back with a pal for a “Royale with cheese”. Shame on you John Travolta, for reminding us of a movie in which you were actually cool.




• Jonathan Rhys Meyers played Elvis Presley in the 2005 TV mini-series “Elvis”.

• Director Pierre Morel directed the surprise hit “Taken” starring Liam Neeson.