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Edge of Darkness
Monday, 01 February 2010 16:24
Edge of DarknessMel Gibson may be a nutcase in the public eye, but most of us seem to have forgotten what a charismatic actor Mr. “Passion of the Christ” really is. With Edge of Darkness, his first starring role in eight years, Mel reminds us why we liked him in the first place.

Mel GibsonBeyond the generic title (which no sooner do I remember than it oozes from my mind yet again), Edge of Darkness is a crime-thriller that manages rather well thanks to Gibson’s strong performance. He plays Craven, a police officer whose daughter is gunned-down right in front of him. Was it a hit meant for him, or was his daughter involved in something over her head? He needs answers and will do absolutely anything to get them – no holds barred.

In many ways this movie reminded me of Liam Neeson’s recent success with “Taken”. Both involve a rampaging father intent on avenging a child, but Edge of Darkness has a much sharper script and fewer explosions. Though it falters a little toward the middle, it manages to keep up a pretty steady pace and has some genuinely intense moments.

Scene from Edge of DarknessSometimes the dialogue can be messy; maybe it was the heavy Boston accents that don’t quite sound authentic. I’m pretty good with accents, but I found the actors sometimes mumbled lines so much it was hard to understand!

Gibson is still a tough old guy – emphasis on old since he really is looking antiqued. Maybe the media feeding-frenzy has left him a little haggard, and it remains to be seen if his return to the box-office will sweep it all under the rug. But Edge of Darkness seems as likely a comeback vehicle as any, especially since it reminds us of the Mel Gibson from a much simpler time.


• This is Mel Gibson’s first leading role since Signs in 2002.

• Edge of Darkness is based on a BBC TV series by the same name.