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When in Rome
Monday, 01 February 2010 16:24
When in RomeYou know what they say; “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. Or in this case, “When in Rome hurry back to New York and get stalked by a pack of weirdoes”. Of course by rom-com standards “stalking” only means that a guy likes you, and girls can never be happy unless they hear wedding bells.

This is about the lowest form of romantic comedy you can get without it starring the Olsen Twins (who consequently have a film by the same title). Most of the “funny” parts involve people walking into posts or falling down holes for absolutely no reason other than the writers couldn’t think of anything funny to write. The one saving grace is the natural comedic talent of Kristen Bell, who manages to sparkle for the camera even though her character is sometimes unbearable.

Duhamel and BellShe plays Beth, a successful art curator who flies to Rome for her sister’s last-minute wedding. Only in the movies can you organize a perfect wedding in Rome in less than two weeks. While there she meets Nick (Josh Duhamel) and they hit it off but things go wrong and she ends up splashing around in a fountain of love stealing coins. This makes only slightly more sense when you are watching the film.

Clown Car SceneShe sets in motion a curse that causes the men who owned the coins fall obsessively in love with her. Of course all of them just happen to live in New York, even though she picked up the coins in Rome. She is pursued by the likes of Danny DeVito and Napoleon Dynamite (who will never really be anyone else). But the guy she really wants is Nick, who is cute and dull and doesn’t seem to mind that she is constantly acts like a psycho and runs away from him.

When in Rome is poorly written and not very funny; but that Kristen Bell sure is likeable!




• Italy’s most famous fountain is the Trevi Fountain, which collects about 3,000 euros a day!

• Kristen bell is in real-life a relationship with Dax Shepard, who plays one of her unwanted suitors in the movie.