Sunday, 20 September 2020
Monday, 18 January 2010 11:53
DaybreakersThis movie was an awesome surprise! Daybreakers does NOT make me want to make-out with vampires; although Ethan Hawke may be the exception to that rule here. Unlike certain other trendy vampires his skin doesn’t glitter in the sunlight. Instead he’d more likely become a human flambé right before his head explodes.

In the future, the planet’s entire population has almost entirely been infected by a vampire plague. The population is starving because humans are nearly extinct and the few mortals left are being rounded up and milked like livestock for their blood.

Edward (Dalton, not Cullen) is a hematologist trying to invent a blood-substitute before the human food supply completely runs out. He bands together with a group of humans who think they have discovered a cure for vampirism.

Hawke and DafoeThe tone and themes of this film brought to mind Gattaca, another Ethan Hawke film I love. This is true science fiction. It asks questions that can be related back to current events and then creates imaginative, fictional answers. The futuristic society in Daybreakers is well thought out and full of visual detail. Everything from the underground daytime transportation system to vampire advertising has been thought of.

NOT Edward CullenIt also features some incredibly horrific imagery, artfully done with makeup and prosthetics rather than relying too heavily on CG effects. You do not want to meet one of these blood-starved vampires in an alley; they are far from pretty!

Hawke puts in a good performance, but honestly dresses so much like Han Solo during the last bit of the film I expected to see a light saber in his hand during the fight sequences. Weird but true! Willem Dafoe is clearly having fun as “Elvis”, a tough talking ex-vamp.

I actually loved Daybreakers. It’s not perfect but is so much fun that it hardly matters.

• Willem Dafoe has acted in 4 movies featuring vampires.
• Creature effects were provided by Wetta Workshop (famous for Lord of the Rings)