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New Moon: The Twilight Saga
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 18:07

official-new-moon-posterThe cast of the wildly popular teen vamp flick Twilight is back, and they need more counseling and anti-depressants than ever. New Moon might as well have been called Blue Moon to evoke the feeling of melancholy that permeates the entire movie. It’s Twi-hard: With a Vengeance, pummeling our emotions with lengthy scenes of longing gazes and wooden declarations of undying (or is it undead?) love.

Watching both Twilight and New Moon makes me wonder if the salary of cast members was based on how long they could remain completely expressionless. I realize that Bella and Edward (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison) have problems, but cant’ they at least have a little fun together once in a while! I find it very hard to cheer for their relationship when they can barely even smile at each other.

the-twilight-saga-new-moon-movie-review-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewartjpg-06045e9e5fc9f5d7_largeAt least there is some level of passion in her “best-buddies” relationship with Jake (Taylor Lautner). They joke, they play, and Kristen Stewart manages to get out at least one syllable of a laugh once in a while. It’s a refreshing change to her constant slack-jaw or lip biting over not being “good enough” for stone cold Edward.

The story revolves around Edward abandoning Bella because wants her to have a chance at a “normal” life. Little does he know that she goes into a deep depression without his sunny presence to brighten her days. She starts behaving recklessly as a means to hear his voice in her head lecturing her about what and what not to do. I didn’t like that in these segments she actually sees an apparition of Edward talking to her. That was kind of hokey.

newmoonmovie12When Bella starts hanging out with her newly buff childhood friend Jake, she seems to start coming back to life. He wants more than friendship from her but he’s patient and willing to wait. He’s also a werewolf, which explains the extreme puppy-dog loyalty. Jake spends most of his time wandering around half naked in the cold, followed by a pack of similarly half-naked, tanned and waxed friends. Thankfully, they convinced him to ditch the bad wig. Seriously, it looked like one of those cheap black Halloween witch wigs.

new-moon-movie-still-volturi-03-1024x681The films highlights are in a few small performances that breath life into the undead. Michael Sheen was fun to watch in a small role as Aro, one of the ancient Volturi. His sidekick Jane is played by Dakota Fanning who barely speaks any dialogue but leaves a lasting impression. Fanning is developing her talents as she matures before our eyes and I look forward to seeing where her career will take her. Billy Burke gets the character of Charlie pitch perfect. He’s Bella’s caring but awkward Dad.

I myself am a much bigger fan of the books than the movies. They are addictive and a fun read, even if the messages about teenage relationships leave something to be desired. But I think that bad acting and dialogue in both films are a big let down to fans of the series. Not that any of them will complain, as long as they get to see Edward’s skin glittering like a disco ball. New Moon is better than the first, but I for one think the books deserve better.

Overall, fans of the series will enjoy the movie no matter what anyone says. As a fan of the books I had fun watching certain scenes unfold, but I wish that more time and effort had been spent on a decent script and some acting lessons.