Saturday, 19 September 2020
Trailer Park Boys 2
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   

tpb2posterThe Maritime’s favorite home-brewed boys are back, freshly out of the jailhouse and swearing to do right and become upstanding, tax-paying citizens. But of course anyone with any exposure to the hugely successful Nova Scotia TV show knows that, to The Trailer Park Boys, becoming a contributing member of society means growing huge crops of dope and stealing signs from church yards.

Picking up where the first film left off, Julian and Ricky are being released from jail. Julian (John Paul Tremblay) is determined to walk a straight line for real this time and has come up with a business proposal for “Success Auto Body”, a shop he would open up in a converted old trailer his grandmother left him. Ricky (Robb Wells) on the other hand, is sick of following along with Julian’s plans. After some, ahem, “brilliant” advice from his dear old dad he decides to make his dream a reality – unfortunately Ricky’s dreams usually wind him straight back in the slammer.

Their buddy Bubbles (Mike Smith) has also been released, but he comes home to his worst nightmare. His shed has been boarded up and his “free-range kitties” have all been impounded by the SPCA! He’s going to need a lot of money to get them out. Park manager Mr. Lahey and his live-in assistant Randy have been rolling in the cash since they opened a luxury mini-home park next door to the old one. But having the boys back and out of jail might prove the last straw for Lahey, who can’t resist hitting the hard liquor after two years of sobriety.

tpb2pic1The Trailer Park Boys are always full of crazy humor and great, improvised moments. I love the fact that the camera isn’t ignored – they talk to the camera guys and even yell at them to stop filming from time to time. Being followed everywhere, including a bank robbery, by a camera crew definitely tries their patience sometimes!

As always, the cast are naturals, and even the old gags such as Julian’s constant glass of rum and coke in hand, are still hilarious. Lahey and Randy provide some memorable moments with their spousal type bickering and Randy’s penchant for cheeseburgers and onion rings. I think one of the greatest moments in the movie is when Randy reveals an unfortunate haircut… I don’t want to ruin anything but that is some funny stuff!

Overall, I don’t think this film is as strong as their first, which even captured the attention south of the border in the U.S. But it’s nice to see that we won’t lose these iconic characters once and for all now that the TV show has run its course. There are still plenty of shocking, laugh-out-loud moments, even if the movie is a little slow moving. Let’s hope for another sequel for the boys in the future.