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The Ugly Truth
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Thursday, 30 July 2009 00:00
uglytruthposterThe Ugly Truth is in essence a “chick flick” that wrestles around in chocolate pudding until it is dirty enough to appeal to the men who are surely being dragged to see it. I suckered my boyfriend into going because the alternative movie was “Orphan” and cheesy horror flicks aren’t his idea of a good time. Although there was a noticeable shortage of testosterone in the crowd that day, there was no shortage of laughter from either gender.

Katherine Heigl plays Abby, a producer for a weekday morning show who is a great career woman but not so hot at relationships. When the shows ratings start to drop, new talent is brought in to liven things up. Gerard Butler plays Mike, the controversial host of a phone-in show called “The Ugly Truth”. On it he basically tells women know that they’ll never have a relationship unless they dress and behave like airhead porn stars. He’s an ass and he knows it, but it’s making him famous – and despite his misogynistic attitude he actually seems to have a little insight into the minds of his audience.

uglytruth1Of course Abby can’t stand Mike; whether it’s because she’s an uptight control freak or because he’s a cocky womanizer is up to you to decide. His popularity is the bane of her existence. Of course all that utter loathing can only mean one thing in a romantic comedy – they WANT each other. But it isn’t until Mike helps Abby land the perfect guy that the two realize they have developed a friendship that could be more. What’s funny is that one of Mike’s key messages is that “Men don’t change”, yet he goes from being an abrasive jerk to a sensitive soul throughout the course of a 90 minute movie. Oh the magic of filmmaking!

The Ugly Truth has a lot of ugly messages about men, women and relationships that should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. But in the end at least Mike ends up falling for Abby because of all those qualities he thought she needed to change.

uglytruth2I think Katherine Heigl is an incredibly gifted comedic actress. She is the perfect combination of class and beauty mixed with a willingness to look absolutely ridiculous on camera - a great combination in comedy because she isn’t distracted by looking bad if she makes a funny face. Her great performance in Knocked Up rushed her to the forefront, and proved her worthy as a headlining star. She is not quite as charming here, but that is only because the role doesn’t demand as much of her.

Despite being predictable, there are a lot of genuinely funny moments where Heigl and Butler shine – a restaurant scene that brings to mind When Harry Met Sally is one of them. It’s good to note that this movie pushes the envelope a little when it comes to language and raunchiness. It’s not The Hangover but it definitely isn’t for kids either.