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Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Thursday, 04 June 2009 21:33

upposterMy opinion of Pixar’s latest can be summed up in one word, almost as short as its title. “Wow!” Up opened to sold out crowds of excited children and adults alike, and is worth every bit of the hype it’s been receiving. Whatever they do, Pixar does it better than anyone.

Up is a touching tale of Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), an old man who lost his passion for life when his wife passed away. Ellie filled his days with such spirit and adventure that he can’t seem to move on now that she is gone. Bitter and fed up with city life Carl decides to do something rather unconventional. He attaches several thousand helium balloons to his house and decides to fly it to South America where he can fulfill his promise to Ellie that they would travel there together someday.

Along the way he acquires a few unwanted travelling companions. Russell (Jordan Nagai) is a young “Wilderness Explorer” who’s been knocking on Carl’s door repeatedly, hoping to earn his “Assisting the Elderly” badge. He winds up trapped on the porch when the house takes off, so Carl has no choice but to take the kid in. When they finally land in South America together Russell finds his own tagalong companion in the form of a giant prehistoric looking tropical bird that he names Kevin. There’s also Dug, a dog who’s been fitted with a collar that allows him to talk!

uppic1This movie is absolutely wonderful for the whole family. If you have kids, bring them – if you don’t, go anyway! I highly recommend spending the extra few bucks to see it in 3D because there is literally lots of “high flying” adventure. Several action packed scenes are going to thrill the kids and have them on the edge of their seats. Be prepared for a few tear jerker scenes though. I actually had tears rolling down my face no less than three times over the short hour and a half long movie! But I’m kind of a sap I guess.

uppic2I’ve got to hand it to Pixar for continuing to put out only the finest quality animated films. Every one of them has been a gem from Toy Story to Wall-E, not to mention all of the spectacular animated shorts! They seem to know better than anyone how to inject their films with the most memorable characters, the right balance of humor, story and cutting edge animation.

Up is a true modern classic that can be enjoyed over and over by anyone. Definitely one of the must-see films of the summer!